The Lego Parent: Helping Parents With Lego-Obsessed Kids

We have a lot of Lego in our house. Way too much, if we’re being honest. Owen, our five year old, is obsessed, and has been for several years. It’s the only thing he plays with. But having this much Lego has given us some real insight into the best, and honestly, not so great, sets in the Lego universe. There’s so many people out there talking about the huge Star Wars sets, and seemingly spending hundreds of dollars on nostalgia-themed sets. But what about the little kids? The everyday kids who are Lego’s core audience. How do parents figure out what sets to get their kids? That’s where we come in. We know this. We have real kids. Who are building regular legos. Every day. We know about which sets are cool, which are kind of expensive for not much, and which ones are good value which encourage kids to build, play more, and have fun.

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