Why Lego Keychains are a Great Gift for Kids

At Christmas I was running around New York City on my way to meet friends. I went past a Lego store, and felt obliged to go in, even though I had really done all my shopping. After taking a quick look at the Pick-A-Brick wall (my kid’s favorite part of the store), I ended up grabbing a Ron Weasley keyring for the might sum of $6. I dropped it into my son’s stocking, and didn’t give it a lot more thought. 

On Christmas morning, he was ecstatic to find the Ron keyring in his stocking. He literally came running up to me to show me. It was definitely one of those gifts that seems to punch above its weight. Here’s a couple of reasons why:

  1. They are pretty cheap. They seem to run around about the $6 mark, so they don’t break the bank. This is actually pretty good to know when it comes to trying to meet free shipping on Lego.com
  2. Kids love to put keychains on their backpacks. My kids both have at least 3 or 4 of them attached the various zippers. They get to personalize their bags, and feel like they are like a grown up with their own keychains. 
  3. They are highly personalizable and some of them are super funny. My eldest daughter, who isn’t even a big Lego kid, has a Statue of Liberty on her bag. My son has a Harry Potter, a BB8, and a hot dog guy. 
  4. Because they are cheap, it’s ok when kids change their minds, or want to swap them over. I know that my son has his eyes on a Dumbledore to add to his collection, and maybe he’ll get lucky and get one in the next couple of months!

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