Lego.Com Secrets for Savvy Parents

When my son first got into Lego, we were all in on Amazon for it. It was often discounted, and, like many families, we had Prime, which meant that we often had 2-day shipping. Awesome. Then, we got Target Shipt, and we literally had 2 hour delivery from our nearest Target, which was a lifesend for forgotten birthday parties, as well as countless other grocery emergencies. Target also has a ton of Lego discounts, so well worth looking into. 

I only started shopping from in the last year. Before, I didn’t really shop there, because I felt like they never had any discounts, and I was getting better prices other places. Nowaways, I’m not so sure. 

Listen, Legos do get discounted, and regularly. You can easily check which sites are being discounted on on sites such as Brickset. Some sets will definitely get discounts if you wait long enough (but not so long they get retired!). But certain, highly popular sets never get discounted, particularly sets from their tie-ins with Star Wars and other lines. 

So, why shop at Firstly, while you might not get discounts off list price, you can definitely end up with some decent prices. 

Free Money!

I always use a cash-back service from Rakuten called ebates. For every purchase I make, I get a little cash-back from Rakuten that is paid out three times a year. For Lego, the cash-back ranges from a typical 2.5% to 8%. Oh, and you don’t just get cash-backs from You can also get them from Nike, Patagonia, Sephora, J.Crew, and a whole host of other stores. I won’t give away how much I receive in cash-back every check, because that would make me embarasssed by my online shopping habits, but I can honestly say that I’ve received thousands of dollars over the last few years. 


Lego VIP – a program I ignored as “I’m not a Lego nerd, I’m just a parent buying lego sets for my kid every so often”. And yes, I do admit that I do now know a little bit more about Lego than I did a year ago, but I’m still lost when the Lego fans start comparing set numbers. Anyway, Lego VIP is useful for everyone!! It’s the Lego loyalty program, and it rewards you with points every time you shop. Those points are redeemable for coupons instore or online. Every so often Lego has VIP weekend, and during those weekends you can redeem discounts for less points, or earn double points. I didn’t really understand this until I was in a Lego store and they told me I had over $20 in coupons to redeem which was a really nice surprise. 


Lego almost always is running a gift(s) with purchase promotion. This is by far the best part of the Lego store or online experience. They are often pretty generous. Over the holiday period they had a very cute Santa’s Workhsop scene. Other gifts with purchase that I’ve got are a very cool forest lego scene, an ode to Jane Goodall, and a couple of sets of random themed pieces, like Halloween pieces. These are really cool gifts that have always super delighted my kids, and I always tell them that Lego sent them a present, which makes them feel extra special. Also, those sets are not sold in store, so they always feel a little bit exclusive and extra special! 

Example of a Gift with Purchase. They do not always require $190 of shopping!

Exclusive sets

There are a few sets every year that are only available on, and they are not just the whopper expensive ones. Others include seasonal decorations such as holiday wreathes, Harry Potter and other characters, and this super cute little birthday set!

Kind of want this on my birthday!

So, now you have a guide to using the Lego store and have some ideas of when to use Amazon, Target, and when to go full price for other Lego benefits. Happy shopping!!

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