Oh No We Lost the Lego Instructions

It’s happened to everyone. We are super excited about our awesome Lego build, we put it on the shelf, and then we go to play it again and drop it and it smashes to pieces. Now what? Or, we receive some half finished Lego from a friend. Or, frankly, we just want to enjoy rebuilding our Lego. My son does that a lot. There are lego sets that he has taken apart and rebuild three of four times. He simply loves the process. Ok, but what if we don’t have the instructions. Well, never fear, almost all Lego instructions are available online. There are two main ways to do this:

Lego.com Instructions

Search for your set on Lego.com, go to the page, and you’ll find Building Instructions on the bottomw right of the page, even for sets that have been retired. The instructions are in PDF form following the format of the book, complete with art if that’s included.

The instructions are available for current and past sets
You can search by set number or name. Great for inspiration from sets from long ago!
The set booklets are available as PDFs to page through like the regular instruction books

the Lego Builder app

Lego has a great little app called Lego Builder. Honestly, I only use it for browsing instructions, but it has some great features for 3-D building, tracking your lego sets, and other functions. It has all the older sets as well as current ones, and is great for being able to use instructions on your mobile device. 

Anyone else have a kid who just likes to read the instructions for sets we will not buy? This is a huge source of entertainment for my son. He knows (or at least I hope he knows!) that we are never going to buy the Death Star or the new Razor Crest or the giant Hogwarts Castle. But that doesn’t stop him from reading and re-reading the instructions, touching each piece into when it goes. Weird, but delightful. 

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